How to Prepare For a Turkish Bath Massage

Turkish Bath Massage and Scrub usually take place in an authentic atmosphere. At first, a disposable wash glove called a key is used to scrub and clean the skin. After the process is completed, the skin is covered with warm water and a thick foam composed of natural soap. The entire procedure can last for around 20 minutes. This specific method has been used since ancient times and has become highly renowned in the area of spa treatments. It's not just helpful for the human body but also for relaxation.

The most crucial component of Turkish Bath Massage is the preparation of the premises. The floor must be paved with stones to provide a good surface for the process. The area must be illuminated from inside with the support of tiki lamps. You'll also need to prepare some gear to begin the procedure like loose Terry towels, face masks and Turkish bath lotions. The latter is a mix of oils and herbs primarily used for cleansing and rejuvenating the skin. Other items that you may need include barber knives, herbal wraps, basel salt and water.

Another essential ingredient for the whole experience is the Turkish Bath Salts. These are essential because they penetrate the skin deeply and act as an anti-bacterial agent. These are also available in different strengths and varieties. They are applied onto the dry scalp and massaged in circular motions to get the desired result.

The role of the early Ottoman empire at the formation of Turkish Bath Massage is best summed up in its function as the first type of therapy after the introduction of health science in the sixteenth century. Ottoman physicians were trained by studying the techniques of this Persian (Armenian) doctors. Following their study, they began to introduce this new form of healing to the world. This process gave birth to the Turkish bath and the Ottoman style of treating different body disorders. Helpful site This practice eventually became popularized during the nineteenth century when more doctors started to take up the profession.

The main part of the Turkish bath is the preparation and using the aromatic oil. The most commonly used oil is the Rosemary essential oil. This one has a very soothing effect on most human bodies especially those that are having fever or colds. The oil is usually mixed with rosewater and then enter the bathtub. With the help of a special nozzle and the support of a few floaties (plastic tubes filled with water), the aromatic oil gets inhaled by the customer's nostrils.

Before beginning the Turkish bath massage, make sure that you have all of your equipment ready and set. The equipment you will need are: 2 armchairs for the therapist, one aromatic massage oil and a level to pour the oil into the bathtub. In addition you need: towels, face cloths, aromatherapy oil and ear plugs. It would be better if you do not forget the moisturizer. For the first stage of the therapy, the two armchairs are placed flat on the ground in front of the client so they can recline and have their feet propped up.

The two therapists begin by applying warm pressure to the neck and the mind of the customer. Using the aromatic oil, they gradually work their way down the back and the arms of the customer. The entire process usually takes about one hour. Following the first round of the Turkish bath, the therapists will proceed into the deeper levels of their body. When the first round is completed, the customer can relax and have a rest for the remainder of the period of the treatment.

In the mean time, the client must follow a few tips such as avoiding contact with the oil droplets, keeping eyes closed, and avoiding direct contact with the ear lobes. From the end of the treatment, the client will feel rested and the aromatic oil will have fully permeated the skin. So as to improve the therapeutic benefits, it's recommended to drink a lot of water and herbal tea. The patient ought to be able to rapidly recover from the condition of relaxation attained after the treatment. This preparation along with proper care can ensure that this type of therapy is a great experience.

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